“Old, New, Borrowed or Blue”

The journey from the proposal to the wedding is a small one. Your wedding day will be here before you know it, and while you may have already figured out where your wedding is going to be held, who the photographer is going to be, and what you will be wearing to make your husband-to-be go ‘wow’, it is possible that you may have forgotten about one important thing.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. These things are known as the lucky tokens that a bride must have with her on her wedding day. This tradition is quite personal and it adds a really good feeling to the wedding. These small personal tokens may not be prominent to people who come to the wedding but they are deep and meaningful to the bride herself and the people close to her.

Something old offers consistency; something new signifies positivity for the future; something borrowed means borrowed blessings; something blue symbolizes love; and if you have a sixpence in your shoes, then it is placed there to stand for good luck and prosperity.

However if you have forgotten about them, then don’t stress out too much. Those little tokens of love can be given to you by your mother, sister, and other family members at the eleventh hour (albeit, if you want then you can give them to yourself, too).

Even in this day and age, where superstitions have been blurred to a great length, it’s still believed that if you want your marriage to be a happy and prosperous one, you need to have all five of those things above for it to happen. And while I don’t believe anything bad is going to happen to your marriage just because you don’t have those items with you at your wedding day, people are still going to be curious about which tokens you have got so you might as well get them while you have the chance.

Something old

For something old you can get anything old because the trend of antiques or vintage things isn’t going away anytime soon. You can check out your mother or grandmother’s jewelry and if you find something good, then you can use it as your something old.

Something new

There is always something new at a wedding. From the jewelry to the shoes, you won’t ever run out of ideas for something new at your big day. If you want something special to be your something new, then you can think about purchasing a piece of jewelry or a broach specifically for the event.

Something Borrowed

While it is possible your new in-laws may not possess something valuable to lend you for your wedding day, your mother-in-law may have something to give to you for the event as your something borrowed.

Something Blue

White paired with blue looks amazing. However, if you find the color combination not working for you then you can incorporate blue in a subtle way like having blue accessories.