Check These Things For Your Beach Wedding

Any person would jump at the thought of having a beach wedding. Although wedding at a beach would be non-traditional, it would have a personal touch to it which would make it special. So if you are thinking about a beach wedding then you should know that there are a few things you need to consider before you set your eyes on the beach.


Public beaches

There has been a debate about whether the beaches are public or private in the US. But it has been found out that all beaches in the US are open to public. So if you are thinking about an intimate wedding with only a few guests then you will be able to manage a wedding like that without any problems. However you will need to start your search early for a venue to get a head start with the planning process.


People often lean towards arranging one event at the beach and then moving the party to another venue. So if they are having the ceremony at the beach, they will move the reception to another venue. But if you are thinking about having the ceremony and the reception both at the beach then that can be arranged too. You need to arrange everything beforehand by talking the vendors. Because parties at the beach are not something they do every day.

Privacy concerns

If you have any privacy concerns then maybe you should reconsider having a wedding at the beach because it will be anything but private. Since the beaches are public, people would be able to access your location so beware of any wedding crashers because that’s one downside of having a beach wedding.



You need to make the wedding convenient for everyone. If you have a grandma who is coming from Greece especially for the wedding and she is wheel chair bound, then do you plan to put your feet in the sand in front of her? What would you do if people want to sit at the wedding? Think about the guest list and make your arrangements according to that because beach wedding is a big commitment and you want to make it fun for everyone.


Beaches are loud. Add the element of tourists at the beach along with the sound of waves and you have a noisy venue. So figure out if you need amplification or not.